Red Pants Trio

Set Time: 11:00 a.m.–12:45 p.m., Fishbowl Stage

Red Pants Trio is Tony Glausi (keys), Joshua Hettwer (sax), and Ken Mastrogiovanni (drums). When RPT first formed in 2013, its food-crazed musicians were performing weekly at a local waffle house. Through such constant exposure and countless hours of practice soon came higher-profile performances, a full-length record, and music video releases. Regarded for their lightheartedness and spontaneity, RPT synthesizes their jazz, pop, and hip-hop influences to form a truly unique sound. In their own words, “You gotta listen to understand”. Their 2014 debut album ‘Square One’ is available on Bandcamp and their new music and music videos can be found (and should most definitely be watched) on YouTube.