Jack Radsliff

Set Time: 4:00–4:45 p.m., Fishbowl Stage

Jack Radsliff and Ken Mastrogiovanni have devoted themselves to the not long forgotten music of their middle school dances. Rooted in the jazz tradition, Jack and Ken bring the same improvisational approach to this music that helped spawn jazz standards from pop music’s past. From R. Kelly to Kelly Clarkson these two bring this repertoire from the sweaty gymnasiums of your middle school years to the stage right next to the EMU Chipotle of your present.

Jack Radsliff is a Eugene-based guitarist and composer. He moved to Eugene to pursue a masters in jazz performance at the University of Oregon where he is currently working as a Graduate Teaching Fellow. There he performs with the school’s premier jazz ensembles, JazzArts Oregon, and the Oregon Jazz Ensemble. With these groups and others, Jack has performed at just about every major venue in Eugene (Hult Center, Shedd, Wow Hall). This represents only a portion of his artistic endeavors. Jack’s dedication to his craft has led him to perform with Pacific Northwest heavyweights John Stowell, Don Latarski, Idit Shner, Roger Woods, and Siri Vik. Constant work as a sideman has prompted him to step into a new role: bandleader. Always looking for new avenues of expression, Jack devotes much of his time to compositions for his own groups. His works are currently being performed by his own quartet and JazzArts Oregon.

Eugene, Oregon native, Ken Mastrogiovanni, is a drummer currently studying at the University of Oregon. He is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Japanese and popular music studies, with a minor in music technology. In 2015, he received the Reno Jazz Festival Outstanding College Performer award. Mastrogiovanni has established himself as an important member of the Eugene jazz community, and is actively performing throughout the Pacific Northwest with various groups.