Foreign Talks

Set Time: 3:00–3:45 p.m., Amphitheater Stage

As the young ambassadors for the PN-Dub’s outdoor activities and lifestyle—surfing, hiking, skateboarding, and snowboarding—we like to party like our album’s first single “Rip It Up Slow”, a warm, danceable, pop-reggae song. Comprised of brothers Madison Fischer (lead vocals, percussion) and Marcus Fischer (lead vocals, guitar, bass), Tanner Steinmetz (guitar, bass, backing vocals), Kevin Downes (guitar, backing vocals, percussion) and Jeff Wagner (drums), Foreign Talks has grown a lot since forming in 2011. Vancouver, Washington-based quintet Foreign Talks follow-up their 2013, self-titled debut with “No Ceilings”, a vast departure from the hook-laden, indie-pop of their debut. And while “No Ceilings” is still chalk-full of memorable, alluring melodies, the outfit (now a five-piece) has expanded into a more reggae-driven sound, while still adding their love of indie-pop into every number.