What is WVMF?

For students, by students. WVMF is a free, one-day, multi-stage music and arts festival held in the heart of the University of Oregon campus.

Want to join the team?

WVMF is made possible by our amazing volunteers and sponsors! If you’re interested in getting involved contact us here.

Purpose Statement

Celebrate the mosaic that is the University of Oregon students.

Meet the Coordinators

Kylie Foster
Logistics Coordinator
What I love about live music: Experiencing the passion and unique style that makes up the artist. Also, the ability it has to draw so many different types of people together. Live performance I want to see: Tough one, but I definitely need to see Fleetwood Mac the next time they get together to perform.
Kiki Kravitz
Education and Activities Coordinator
What I love about live music: That moment when you’re watching live music everything that is happening out in the world doesn't really matter. I also love that music can transport you to anywhere in the world with just one song. Live performance I want to see: Grateful Dead ‘72 Festival I would want to see: Woodstock
Jill Sullivan
Outreach and Finance Coordinator
What I like most about live music: When a song wells up inside of me and punches me in the gut...most of the time this is figurative but I do enjoy a good mosh pit. Live Performance I Want to See: Fidlar “Bad Habits”
Elissa Carlson
Social Media and Marketing Coordinator
What I love about live music: I love grooving with best friends and the community and energy the crowd brings. Also, the style and people watching at festivals are the best. Live Performance I Want to See: Frank Ocean in my living room.
Hayden Martinez
Festival Chair
What I love about live Music: Crying when I hear my favorite music, aka the artist I want to see live is Bon Iver so I can create a new emotion, while also crying a lot.